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Credit: Justin Barbin

Hi, I'm Rosie! 

I'm an actor who has performed Off-Broadway, regionally, in concert, and toured nationally.

My favorite thing is telling stories through music. 


I grew up in a military family that moved almost every year. My transient upbringing defines who I am as a person and performer - it made my biggest passion in life meeting new people. The collaborative aspect of theatre: bringing together people from multitudes of backgrounds under one common goal is my favorite part of what we do. "Service before self" is my motto that I strive to achieve in my daily interactions and work.

2024 WORDS

I come up with three words each year to guide focus.

This year's words are:

Fun, Gumption, Time

2023: Peace, Play, Time

2022: Grace, Service, Time

2021: Joy, Consistency, Time

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